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About Us

NMBS was founded in August 2002 with the idea of providing environmental consulting in a new way. Our focus is on environmental stewardship. We have made a commitment to the organizations we are working with to provide a personal one-on-one approach to all of their consulting needs.

We can and do offer services to a wide range of clients. We happily serve everyone from non-profit organizations, to for profit companies, to governmental agencies. No matter who needs our services, we always strive to provide high quality work which is both in compliance with statuatory requirements and with the demands of being a "good neighbor." We want our reputation to precede us, and we want people to know that if NMBS is on the job, then the work is being done properly and the environment is being protected.

We have a long history of providing services to watershed organizations and non-profit groups. We have participated in every step of the process from strategic planning to treatment implementation.

Our company can also offer services to meet corporate environmental needs including those of the expanding natural gas industry. We work with companies to complete wetland delineations and then to complete the associated permitting for pipelines, water conveyance systems, or the construction of roads and pads. We will perform site investigations, meet with regulators, and secure all permits. We can even design and install mitigation wetlands when necessary.

Our company can offer GIS mapping services and data management solutions for companies that need these services. We have provided these services since the inception of the company and have existing solutions used by a variety of labs, other consultants, a Fortune 500 company, and governmental agencies.

NMBS environmental has successfully been involved in environmental stewardship for 10 years through "word of mouth" advertising. Our success can be seen in our track record of successful projects, in the grant monies awarded to clients, and in the number of stream miles restored. We are committed to our clients and to the successful completion of the projects we are hired to complete.