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Design and Permitting of a Passive Treatment Project on Emigh Run: Discharge ER-13

Emigh Run: Er-13

The Emigh Run Lakeside Watershed Association (ERLWA) in partnership with Morris Township is proposing to design and install a passive treatment system that will abate an abandoned mine drainage (AMD) discharge, ER-13, that flows into Emigh Run. This discharge is the first significant pollutant source that flows from the South side of the stream. We feel that in combination with the stream relocation in the headwaters and the remining efforts on the North side, this is the first discharge that needs to be addressed in the overall restoration of Emigh Run. Data was collected at this site for 12 months in accordance with the watershed assessment. However, we felt that in order to collect all of the necessary data, we are applying for the completion of this project in Phases. For Phase I, ERLWA is submitted a proposal to complete the detailed design and permitting of a treatment plan that will address the discharge, along with installing a drainage system to collect the multiple seeps in the area. The ERLWA will then proceed with Phase II, the construction and installation of the passive treatment system.

The discharge at ER-13 is impacting Emigh Run by adding an average of 65 lbs/day of acidity, 1.8 lbs/day of iron, and 5.5 lbs/day of aluminum. Both the ERLWA and Morris Township recognize the impact this discharge has on the stream and the need to address it. Accordingly, the partners have turned to NMBS, to provide professional support in this endeavor.

The Emigh Run Watershed is located in Central Pennsylvania in Clearfield County. The watershed is located on the USGS 7.5 minute series topographic maps of Wallaceton and Philipsburg near Morrisdale, PA. Emigh Run is the only source of water for the 22 acre Lakeside Dam. The Dam was built in the 1800s by a mining company and was the primary source of drinking water for the town of Morrisdale, but is now privately owned. The owner hopes to donate the Dam along with 5 acres of wooded area to create a nature park. Before repairs on the Dam can occur, restoration of Emigh Run must occur. The assessment is now underway to locate the sources of acid mine drainage that are severely affecting the water quality and in turn the aquatic life of the Dam.

Final products would be the completion of the design of the project, including engineering, E&S controls, and bid packages if necessary. The design would be complete in that it could be handed a contractor to begin construction. The permitting would also be completed for this area. Most likely a Joint Permit between PADEP and the Army Corp of Engineers would be needed due to the potential impacts to a wetland. A final report would be completed.