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Abandoned Mine Drainage Project on Emigh Run: ER-8

Emigh Run: Er-8

The Emigh Run Lakeside Watershed Association (ERLWA) is proposing to design and install a passive treatment system to abate ER-8, an abandoned mine drainage (AMD) discharge that flows into Emigh Run. A previous Growing Greener Grant provided the necessary funding to complete a watershed assessment and restoration plan for the Emigh Run watershed. Through this watershed assessment, the ER-8 discharge was determined to be the #3 priority project within the watershed. The ERLWA, in conjunction with Boggs and Morris Townships, has already obtained funding to complete the design and permitting portions of the #1 and #2 priority projects; therefore, abatement of the ER-8 discharge is the next logical step in the restoration of Emigh Run and the Morrisdale Dam. The project has been divided into two phases in order to make it more manageable. Phase I will involve completion of the design and permitting for the ER-8 abatement project including additional water sampling, surveying, design work, engineering, and completion of all required permitting. Phase II will involve the actual construction/installation of the passive treatment system.

ER-8 is a seepage area emanating from under a haul road from a reclaimed surface mine area. The seepage creates numerous channels before becoming ponded along the stream bank. This discharge is above the King Coal area of impact and enters from the opposite side of the stream. The flow where the seepage was collected averages 17 gpm with an acidity concentration of 133.7 mg/L. Iron averages 0.72 mg/l, and aluminum is at 12.63 mg/L. Manganese averages 27.7 mg/L. This area should be addressed because of the higher aluminum concentration. A small system should treat the water, while adding much needed alkalinity near the upper reaches of the main stem of Emigh Run. The project partners have retained New Miles of Blue Stream (NMBS) to provide professional services related to this project. NMBS has been responsible for the development of the restoration plan and the other treatment projects in the watershed.