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Relocation of the Headwaters of Emigh Run

Emigh Run: Weir in Headwaters

The Emigh Run Lakeside Watershed Association (ERLWA) in partnership with Boggs Township secured funding to complete the design and permitting work for the relocation of Emigh Run in its headwaters. Through the assessment of Emigh Run, we have determined that moving the headwaters of the stream will allow us to significantly clean up 0.42 miles of stream. The headwaters now flow through an abandoned spoil area, degrading the water quality. This stream relocation will be the first step in restoring Emigh Run and, subsequently, Morrisdale Dam.

In the initial phase of the project, we will complete the design and engineering work for the project. It will be a simple natural stream channel design beginning where the headwaters start and circumventing the spoil area by flowing through an existing channel created by a natural spring. We will continue collecting water samples; as well as survey the area. We will also complete the permitting process.

The second phase of the project would be the construction phase. This would most likely take place in the Fall of 2005 or the Spring of 2006. The disturbance to the area would be minimal because of the existing spring channel. There would be minimal excavation to insure a stable bank, and we would use limestone for stability and neutralization of the mine drainage. The stream would be diverted back to the original channel below the spoil area. Overall, there would be no significant impact to the area, except for improved water quality.

Final products would be the completion of the design of the project, including engineering, E&S controls, and bid packages if necessary. The design would be complete in that it could be handed a contractor to begin construction. The permitting would also be completed for this area. Most likely a Joint Permit between PADEP and the Army Corp of Engineers would be needed due to the potential impacts to a wetland. A final report would be completed.