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The Clearfield County Conservation District received a grant to assemble existing watershed data into a "watershed snapshot." We were tasked with assembling the data once entered into a database, aggregating data from a few other sources, and creating a web interface to make that data publicly available via the Moshannon Creek Watershed website.

As an associated task, we offered to (freely) create a data entry program for use in assembling this data. Part of the grant monies were originally targetted for this purpose, so some of those monies were used to create a users manual for this application so that we can offer it freely to any watershed group or non-profit entity wishing to do watershed data management. Get a copy here.

Bill Hollern, a Penn State student, spent several months entering data as an intern. His assistance is much appreciated. Thanks too to Rachel Kester from the Clearfield County Conservation District.

To date we have also added some BAMR data and the data from the Moshannon Creek subwatershed assessments that are being completed. This data was compiled along with the data that the conservation district is gathering and was made available on the Moshannon Creek Watershed website. We hope to resolve the technical problems that caused a problem in delivery. In the interim, the data is available by request in a Microsoft Access file which is compatible with NMBS WaMP.