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Development of a Restoration Plan for the Morgan Run Watershed

Completed March 2006

Morgan Run Watershed

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The Clearfield County Conservation District in partnership with the Morgan Run Watershed Group (MRWG) is proposing to develop a restoration plan for Morgan Run derived from ongoing efforts in the watershed. Through the development of a restoration plan on Clearfield Creek, sampling has occurred in Morgan Run. At this time, the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) has also completed quarterly water monitoring on 25 sites in the watershed, including all significant discharges and appropriate stream locations. They completed an aquatic survey in the spring of 2004 and a fish survey on tributaries supporting a native trout population. SRBC's efforts are a valuable resource that should be used. They have chosen Morgan Run as a priority stream and are focusing their efforts here. Their hope in starting the project was that the information would be used in the development of a restoration plan. The SRBC is also working to develop a TMDL on Clearfield Creek. This includes using the existing data and collecting additional data from the mouths of the tributaries. This is an important step in the eventual restoration of Clearfield Creek, which must begin with cleaning up the polluting tributaries.

The Morgan Run Watershed is located in Central Pennsylvania in Clearfield County. The watershed is located on the USGS 7.5 minute series topographic maps of Wallaceton and Glen Richey. Morgan Run is contributing a total of 1063 lbs/day of acidity and over 434 lbs/day of metals to Clearfield Creek where it enters at Dimeling. The Morgan Run Watershed is used recreationally by outdoorsmen through hiking and hunting. It would be a large benefit to the area to be able to once again fish Morgan Run. State Gamelands 98 is located along the stream and future projects have the support of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Local supporters have pledged assistance in that the stream is in their backyard and they would like to see Morgan Run cleaned-up.

Morgan Run is a subwatershed of Clearfield Creek. The Clearfield Creek watershed totals 396 square miles as it flows through 17 townships and two counties. Deep mining began in the area in the 1800s, and slowly increased through the Civil War era. During the 1940s strip mining became the dominant mining practice in the area. As with most of the watershed, Morgan Run was severely impacted by past mining practices, which have scarred the landscape and severely impacted the hydrology.

The final products of this project would be the development of a restoration plan to be used by all interested parties to continue with the restoration efforts of Morgan Run. It would be used as a road map and allow the watershed group and conservation district to submit future grants for treatment of priority discharges. Additional field work will be completed in order to map the AML lands and any other significant impacts to the watershed.