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Trout Run Watershed Assessment and Development of a Restoration Plan

Completed March 2006

Trout Run

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The Trout Run Watershed is located in Central Pennsylvania in Centre County. The watershed is located on the Houtzdale and Sandy Ridge USGS 7.5-minute series topographic maps. The Trout Run Watershed is approximately 8.0 square miles, including all of its tributaries. The approximate mileage of impacted stream on the main channel is 2.9 miles, while affected tributaries total 3.5 miles. The watershed does, however, have over 10 miles of unimpacted streams. The watershed is impaired due to the impacts of acid mine drainage emanating from abandoned mine lands, but is not on the 303(d) because the stream has not yet been assessed.

The headwaters of Trout Run begin on State Gamelands near Sandy Ridge and enter Moshannon Creek in Osceola Mills. Trout Run has been severely impacted by acid mine drainage in its bottom reaches. The water flowing into the Osceola Reservoir is considered high quality, but due to past mining practices and abandoned mines, Trout Run becomes severely impacted by acid mine drainage below the reservoir. The upper reaches do sustain a wild fisheries, and it is the goal to restore all of Trout Run to a fishable stream. Local sportsmen in the 1920s took the first steps of stream restoration. They constructed a 0.5 mile ditch, diverting acid water from entering Trout Run, therefore, gaining fishable stream miles. It is the goal of the associated partners to expand and build on their notion of restoring Trout Run through reclamation and remediation efforts. Before the remediation efforts can begin, it is necessary to assess the acid mine drainage impacts, along with the abandoned mine lands, in the development of a restoration plan.

The Moshannon Creek Watershed Coalition (MCWC) in partnership with the Rush Township Supervisors is proposing to assess the impact of acid discharges and abandoned mine lands, along with completing a restoration plan on Trout Run. The goal of this project is to locate, map and sample all abandoned mine lands and discharges to Trout Run and its tributaries and to prioritize each abandoned mine land area and discharge in the watershed. From this prioritization, continued sampling will occur and future projects will be aimed to remediate the acid mine drainage impact to both Trout Run and the receiving stream, Moshannon Creek.

MCWC has also successfully partnered with Boy Scout Troop 48 of Osceola Mills. This has been an important and successful relationship for both parties. The Boy Scouts have been actively involved in the initial stages of the project by walking segments of Trout Run, conducting field measurements, installing flow measuring devices, and collecting monthly samples. In return they have been exposed to an environmental issue and are faced with aiding in a resolution. They will play a vital role in the success of the assessment project and future remediation of Trout Run.