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Emigh Run: ER 8 System Construction

Emigh Run: Er-8

The Emigh Run Lakeside Watershed Association (ERLWA) secured funding for the construction of the ER-8 Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Project which is priority area #3 in the watershed. In the initial assessment of Emigh Run performed by the ERLWA and the West Branch Area School District (WBASD), we determined that construction of a passive treatment system would allow us to continue with the goal of restoring Emigh Run as a cold water fishery. The ER-8 discharge emanates from under a haul road from a reclaimed surface mine area. This discharge is severely degraded from water seeping through the acidic soils of the reclaimed surface. Since headwaters relocation project has already been succesffully completed, this project is the next step to continue efforts put forth by project partners.

The design of this passive treatment system includes a series of two limestone cells followed by a settling basin. This project has been discussed by all project partners to reach an understanding on how to best treat this discharge without impacting wetlands. They are all support the project and have spent additional time in the field collecting information to aid in the design.

The project should eliminate pollutant loadings in Emigh Run, and further the re-establishment of aquatic life in Emigh Run. The ER-8 discharge is the next significant source of pollution to enter below the construction of the headwater relocation project which will restore 0.42 miles of Emigh Run. Wetland impacts will be avoided, and the project should result in improvements of the water quality flowing into existing wetlands downstream. The appropriate water management and wetland permits have been obtained.