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MR Tuff AMD treatment system construction Decatur Township, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania

The Clearfield County Conservation District (CCCD) in association with the Morgan Run Watershed Group (MRWG) is proposing to install a passive treatment system that will abate an abandoned mine drainage (AMD) discharge, MR TUFF, which flows into Morgan Run. The CCCD performed an assessment of Clearfield Creek, which showed Morgan Run to be a significant source of pollution to Clearfield Creek and ranked the stream as the sixth largest polluter of Clearfield Creek. Morgan Run is a priority for restoration in the project plan for Clearfield Creek. The Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) is also working to develop a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) on Clearfield Creek. This is an important step in the eventual restoration of Clearfield Creek, which must begin with cleaning up the polluting tributaries such as Morgan Run.

MR TUFF is located near the headwaters of Morgan Run. Treatment of this discharge is the first step towards restoring Morgan Run, which will restore 0.5 miles of stream. Treating this discharge in conjunction with a second discharge, MR FROG, located 0.5 miles downstream of MR TUFF, will restore over 2 miles of Morgan Run. (A grant application for MR FROG has been submitted separately, but the discharges are in close proximity and treatment systems could easily be constructed concurrently). MR TUFF contributes, on average, 56 pounds per day (lbs/day) of acidity, 1.0 lb/day of iron, and 3.5 lbs/day of aluminum to Morgan Run. Treatment of MR FROG will have a significant impact to the overall water quality of Morgan Run. The combined treatment of the two discharges would give the stream a boost alkalinity extending two miles downstream to the discharge of a large clay mine, currently Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation (BAMR) project, enters Morgan Run.

The CCCD received funding in 2004 to complete the detailed design and permitting of a treatment system to address MR TUFF, along with funding to design and permit a treatment system for MR FROG. Design and permitting will be completed in June of 2006.

The Morgan Run Watershed is located in Central Pennsylvania in Decatur Township, Clearfield County. The watershed is located on the USGS 7.5 minute series topographic maps of Wallaceton and Glen Richey. Morgan Run is severely impacted by AMD, a non-point source pollutant, contributing a total of 1063 lbs/day of acidity and over 434 lbs/day of metals to Clearfield Creek where it enters at Dimeling.